Maxbond™ Cushioning System

Dunlop has developed a world leading system that guarantees the best comfort per kilo of foam. The quality of the materials used and the process undertaken in manufacturing our carpet cushion is paramount in delivering the comfort ultimately experienced.

  • All foam is sourced from proven suppliers known to be reliable in quality, this is predominantly out of Europe.
  • Foam cutting processes are leading edge ensuring the spring in the foam is retained resulting in the best possible comfort.
  • Sophisticated filtering systems are employed to remove any materials that do not contribute to comfort.
  • Different recycled foam types are mixed with a safer environmentally friendly binder, which complements the foam properties.
  • Dunlop Quadmesh™ webbing is applied for leading structural support, adding assurance of correct installation, no stretching, easy trimming, and adding extra support to the carpet cushion for areas under heavy load.
  • Dunlop slipcoat laminate system ensures installers have the optimum environment for installing carpet, whilst also ensuring a good level of moisture resistance.
  • Lot control systems enable full traceability of finished product right through the manufacturing processes.

Find out more about our Maxbond Cushioning System by downloading our brochure.

 Recyclable NZ Made Dunlop Guaranteed CRI Green Label