Frequently Asked Questions

At Dunlop Flooring we are happy to help with any queries. However, to make life easier we have included these frequently asked questions about carpet cushion.

Why use carpet cushion?
Although often an afterthought, carpet cushion is a vital component when installing new carpet. Having the right underlay ensures you enjoy the full potential of your new carpet for its expected life and it means you’ll also be enjoying the following great benefits:

Improved comfort: Carpet cushion significantly increases the level of comfort underfoot regardless of the quality and thickness of the carpet. Make sure that your carpet cushion uses high quality foam which feels great underfoot and performs for the life of your carpet.

Improved appearance: Carpet will appear richer and more luxurious with a good carpet cushion. Carpet cushion is designed to absorb impact and so is better for the long-term performance of your carpet.

Improved acoustic insulation: Installing carpet cushion not only reduces sound in the room itself, but also reduces the transference of sound to rooms that may be below.

Improved thermal insulation: Carpet cushion provides an additional layer of insulation which decreases heat loss through floorboards and also reduces the incidence of under floor draughts. Not only does this create a warmer internal environment, but it also helps to reduce the cost of heating your home.

Is it OK to lay new carpet on my existing carpet cushion?
Laying new carpet on existing carpet cushion is not recommended as it can reduce the life of your carpet and void the manufacturer's warranty.  Using old underlay decreases the level of comfort and support underfoot as it will have fatigued or flattened over time, resulting in less resilience.  It can also leave wear patterns from the previous carpet in high traffic areas.

Does the use of carpet cushion benefit those with asthma or allergies?
Dunlop Flooring has a number of products available that are protected with anti-microbial solutions.  The addition of these during manufacture helps to protect against mould, mildew, bacteria and dustmites which are known triggers for asthma and allergies.

Can comfort be achieved on a very tight budget?
Dunlop Flooring has a wide range of affordable carpet cushion solutions that are suitable for those wanting maximum support on a very tight budget. However, be wary of underlays in the market that are not necessarily up to scratch. Some carpet cushions won’t come close to passing the minimum standards or are made with foams from cheaper sources, such as second-hand foam recovered from old mattresses or furniture, or foam trims that are not from the comfort industry such as packaging, filter or automotive foams.

Is Dunlop Carpet Cushion environmentally friendly?
Yes, Dunlop Carpet Cushion is manufactured using new high quality foam off-cuts from New Zealand and European furniture and bed factories that have the required comfort properties. These off-cuts are otherwise destined for landfill and make up over 90% of the materials used. We also recycle the trims generated in Dunlop Carpet Cushion installations.  What’s more, Dunlop Carpet Cushion is also accredited by the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus programme, which identifies products that promote superior indoor air quality.

Can Dunlop Carpet Cushion be used with underfloor heating?
Yes – carpet cushion can be used with underfloor heating, however, the temperature should not exceed 40°C.  It is also important to remember that carpet cushion has insulation properties and so the thicker the product, the less effective the underfloor heating will be.

Where can I purchase Dunlop Carpet Cushion?
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