Did you know that a big part of your new carpet’s comfy feel comes from the underlay you choose?

Many people have been left disappointed because they were sold an inferior, cheaply made carpet underlay, possibly as part of a “deal”, even though it was supposed to be the best product available. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

When choosing your underlay, sure the density and thickness of the underlay are important factors, but even more important is the feel of the product, which is the result of the quality of the materials used and how it is made. Underlays are often left under a carpet for 20 years and poorer ones will gradually break down. Look for underlays with long-term proven performance and a good reputation in the market.

Dunlop Carpet Cushion is made right here in New Zealand for New Zealanders using Dunlop Flooring’s world-leading MaxbondTM Cushioning System. Using only the best raw materials and processes means our underlay keeps performing for the life of your new carpet.

Choosing your underlay is as important as choosing your carpet, make sure you choose Dunlop Carpet Cushion.

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