Not all underlays are created equal


Innovative Maxbond™ Cushioning System

Dunlop Carpet Cushion is made using our Maxbond™ process, a world-leading manufacturing system, which maximises the comfort and performance of your carpet. Because the Maxbond™ process only uses high quality New Zealand and European materials, Dunlop’s Carpet Cushion delivers the best long-lasting comfort.

High Quality Materials & Processes

The foam off-cuts used in our products are sourced from carefully selected furniture and bedding factories in New Zealand and Europe. As well as being top quality, these comfort foams are also clean and previously unused. Dunlop does not use foams from outside the comfort industry such as filter, packing, or automotive foams which have very poor comfort properties, nor do we use previously used foams such as from old mattresses, which contain dirty and old foams that can’t be properly cleaned. Our webbing and films are also of the highest standard ensuring your carpet and underlay gives great performance.

Our state-of-the-art processing plant and technology, along with special foam-mixing and cutting processes ensure we always deliver high quality, advanced underfoot comfort.

Comfort Assured

Look for our easy guide on comfort. Products rated 7-8 will give you a more luxurious, plush feel, and products rated 9-10 will give you a luxurious, supportive feel. Ask to try our different product offerings in store, to ensure you get the feel that you desire.

Proudly New Zealand Made

Dunlop Flooring is New Zealand owned and operated and our underlay is made right here. So, when you purchase Dunlop Flooring’s Carpet Cushion you can have absolute confidence that it meets the high expectations and standards you deserve.


Make sure your new carpet investment doesn’t end in disappointment and regret. After all, you won’t be replacing the carpet any time soon, so when it comes to the underlay, be sure to choose Dunlop Flooring’s Carpet Cushion. This will guarantee maximum comfort and luxury while also enhancing your carpet investment. And it’s available in a range of options to suit every budget.

Not all underlays are created equal: Ask for Dunlop Carpet Cushion, the superior choice for luxury and feel.