Not all underlays are created equal


Quality Guaranteed

Featuring Maxbond™ advanced technology and certified for peace of mind, Dunlop Carpet Cushion is simply the best choice to maximise your carpet’s comfort, performance, and life.

Remember, not all underlays are created equal. No manufacturer takes their product design as seriously as Dunlop Flooring. Dunlop Flooring is the ONLY manufacturer and supplier of underlay in New Zealand that has its product independently tested and certified to both the 5 Tick StandardsMark™ and the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus programme.

New Zealand’s only 5 Tick Certified Underlay

Dunlop Carpet Cushion is certified to exceed the Australian Standard AS4288:2003 for soft underlays. This is New Zealand’s recognised standard, as required by the joint Australian and New Zealand flooring installation standard AS/NZS2455.1.2007.

This confirms we have demonstrated to SAI Global that we have effective systems in place to ensure processes, product quality, and materials sourcing are at the consistently high levels required to achieve compliance with this standard.

Dunlop Guarantee

Dunlop Flooring’s carpet underlay will perform for the life of your new carpet, and we back that up with our Dunlop Flooring Life of Carpet Guarantee.

Proudly New Zealand Made

Dunlop Flooring is New Zealand owned and operated and our underlay is made right here. So, when you purchase Dunlop Flooring’s Carpet Cushion you can have absolute confidence that it meets the high expectations and standards you deserve.


Make sure your new carpet investment doesn’t end in disappointment and regret. After all, you won’t be replacing the carpet any time soon, so when it comes to the underlay, be sure to choose Dunlop Flooring’s Carpet Cushion. This will guarantee maximum comfort and luxury while also enhancing your carpet investment. And it’s available in a range of options to suit every budget.

Not all underlays are created equal: Ask for Dunlop Flooring’s Carpet Cushion, the superior choice for long-term performance.