Dunlop Flooring uses post industrial comfort foam offcuts generated in the manufacture of furniture and beds and have an active programme of recycling off cut generated in the carpet cushion installation.

Recycle by Dunlop

Dunlop Flooring uses new high quality foam off cuts from furniture and bed factories and has an active programme recycling Dunlop trims leftover from installations.

Dunlop partners with participating carpet retailers to collect unused carpet cushion, together with off-cuts and trims, for distribution back to our manufacturing facility. Here it is sorted, and ultimately recycled into new reusable underlay. This brand new carpet cushion is then passed on to the retailer, who in turn installs this within your home or office under your new carpet.

Dunlop Carpet Cushion can also save you money by reducing heating bills thanks to its outstanding thermal insulation properties. All of our products are CRI Green Label certified; meeting the highest internationally accepted indoor air quality standards for carpet cushion.